According to Environmental, Social and Governance factors:

Augustus Capital AM considers sustainability risks for the portfolio selection of the investment schemes under management. It has a risk integration process in the investment decision-making process.

  • Sustainability Risk Integration Policy


Statement on the main adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

Regarding the main principal adverse impacts (PAIs) of investment decisions on sustainability factors, despite the fact that the Sustainability Risk Integration Policy contemplates criteria for their management, Augustus Capital AM does not take them into consideration since, on the one hand, the asset manager does not have, at the moment, sufficiently robust processes to perform analysis of available information and quantify, appropriately, the predictable and real impact of investment decisions and advice on sustainability factors. On the other hand, given the size, nature and scale of our current business activities, we do not consider PAIs on investment decision-making.

However, this does not prevent to include PAIs on the management of certain collective investment schemes, or some of the elements mentioned in the policy – such as forecasts on dialogue and voting – in the process of integrating ESG factors into investment decisions.