Net Asset Value 98.13
YTD -4.99%

13.50%* Average Annual Return during the last 26 years

* Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. The performance is not guaranteed and may fluctuate over time (losses are posible). The performance is net of expenses.

Net Asset Value Evolution

Updated 30/10/2020

Investment Philosophy

LIERDE is an active-managed investment vehicle with a track-record of more than 26 years with the same investment strategy and management team.

At least 80% of total exposure will be invested in equities, without any restrictions by market capitalization and/or sector of any issuer and/or market within the OECD.

Management Objective

LIERDE’s goal is to continue achieving a better performance vs the indices in the long-term, taking into account that the he preservation of capital is a necessary condition in any investment.

This investment vehicle may be unsuitable for investors who expect to withdraw their money within the next five years.

Monthly Review



ISIN code: ES0158457038
CNMV registration code: 2467
Management company: Augustus Capital Asset Management, S.G.I.I.C., S.A.
Registered office: Plaza Aragón 10, 10ª planta, 50004, Zaragoza
Depositary: Banco Sabadell
Auditor: Deloitte S.L.
Bloomberg code: LIE SM Equity

Investment Profile

Net asset value: Daily
Assets under management: EUR 127 MM (30/10/2020)
Management fee: 1,40% annual
Depositary fee: 0,125% annual
TER: 1,52%
Refund commission: does not exist
Minimum initial investmentl: 1 share

Vehicle Profile

Fund type: European equities
Legal form: UCIT open-ended investment company
Investment style: Value
Morningstar category: RV Europa Capitalización Flexible
Currency: EUR
Asset managers: Juan Uguet de Resayre , Francisco Tajada

Files and Downloads

Monthly report: PDF
Simple vehicle prospectus: PDF
Vehicle prospectus: PDF
Quaterly report: PDF
Half-year report: PDF
Annual accounts: PDF

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