Augustus Capital was established in 2013 for the distribution of Lierde SICAV.

The track record of Lierde SICAV is exceptional with a historical average annual return of 15% since 1994, tripling the annual return of the European market with lower risk levels than the market (Beta of 0.8  and Sharpe ratio of 0.85).

During one of the worst cycles for equity markets (2000-2017), Lierde achieved a total return of 239%, outperforming the main European indexes by a wide margin (over 150%).

Our investment philosophy is focused on companies that are able to create value (Return on Capital Employed higher than Cost of Capital) on a sustainable basis. Investment ideas are generated internally and are researched in detail in-house.

Lierde is a directional open-ended investment fund, biased to Europe and actively managed (no benchmark). The portfolio is well-diversified in 50-60 high quality companies without any size restriction.